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Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine No homework Professor Bullfinch goes off to attend a scientific conference and leaves Danny in charge of his new miniature automatic computer called Miniac Danny calls it a midget giant brain and suddenly comes up with an idea Could he program Minny to help him do his homework faster Soon, Irene and Joe are in on the secret and the three friends are busy feeding information from their school books into Minny, the mechanical brain All goes well until their old enemy, Snitcher, starts spying on them and decides to try his hand at sabotage

10 thoughts on “Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine

  1. Shawn Shawn says:

    I read this as a young boy and just recently had to re read it as part of my job we re prepping them for e book releases This is the third installment of the Danny Dunn boy scientist inventor note, NOT boy genius series and switches up the formula by introducing the third member of the cast, Irene Miller, in this book her Dad just moved to Midston, you see alongside Da

  2. Kevin Kevin says:

    This book came out in 1958 but I still fondly remember my introduction to computers through it s pages when I was in first grade back in 1963 and I dreamed of actually owning my own computer It wasn t to happen for 17years before I was the proud owner of an Atari 400 But I think the day that I brought that home I was still thinking about the fun Danny, Joe and Irene had

  3. PurplyCookie PurplyCookie says:

    Ah, the Homework Machine A machine that works out arithmetic problems and grammar questions perfectly, and even does social studies homework Who wouldn t want one Danny and Joe meet Irene and the three of them immediately are up to scientific mischief, using Professor Bullfinch s new computer to do their homework for them.Remember that this book was written in 1959 when

  4. Helen Helen says:

    This is a golden oldie SBS book It was published in 1958 So fascinating to see how people related to the very first computers, which took up a whole room The in home kind was probably a fantasy at that time

  5. Eugene Miya Eugene Miya says:

    Before personal computers , computer graphics, and the net, I read this book, and had this book read to me by my 6th Grade teacher Mr Schott And one of the things I recall was that Danny had to do just about as much work to get the homework machine to do his homework, that he might as well have done his homework.That gave me a nice edge later in junior high school, high sc

  6. Colin Colin says:

    I think this was an old book of my half sister s or my mom s that I found as a kid, originally published in the late 50s I liked the invention science factor back then, and mightily wished for my own homework machine As an adult, I was pleasantly surprised to find a feminist element with the main girl character also into science , and amused by the advanced computer that on

  7. Jodi Jodi says:

    I loved Danny Dunn books when I was young I just read this one to my three youngest and it was a hit They kept begging for onechapter every time I read I m not sure how much of the science they got, but they sure loved it when Irene pushed Snitcher in the mud puddle

  8. Kevin Tucker Kevin Tucker says:

    I remember really liking these stories when I was young Now, the fact that they were written in the 50 s is pretty evident Still, an easy, fast, and pretty fun to read story.

  9. Joan Joan says:

    Boy is this one out of date A table with a computer filling the entire tabletop, called Minimac Minny for short and Mini because it is so tiny Which it actually is compared with The Mark One mentioned in the book which filled an entire room Kids may consider that science fiction in the opposite way because why would anyone bother with a table sized computer when they could jus

  10. Don Don says:

    I first read this book as a third grader in 1959 I received it as one of that year s Weekly Reader Book Club offerings I liked it enough to keep it for so many years and have enjoyed it once again with much older eyes.In 1959, the story of Danny and his friends using a computer to do their homework was fanciful The notion that Danny could cheat and get a machine to do his work

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