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Daisy's Long Road Home All she s ever wanted is a place to call home Daisy Driscoll is working as a qualified Sister in Brighton The war may be over, but Daisy s heart is in turmoil Abandoned in childhood and haunted by the experience of her first marriage, Daisy no longer trusts anyoneConvinced the roots of her identity lie in India, and desperate to find the truth, Daisy leaps at the chance to leave her lonely life behind when her friend Grayson Harte travels to the East on business As she uncovers long hidden secrets about the family she never knew, will she be able to put the past behind her and find happiness after all The heart warming final book in the bestselling Daisy s War series perfect for fans of Katie Flynn, Kitty Neale and Nadine DorriesThe Daisy s War trilogy The Girl from Cobb Street Book The Nurse s War Book Daisy s Long Road Home Book Each story in the Daisy s War series can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story or as part of this compelling trilogy charting the fortunes of Daisy Driscoll Following Daisy from her dull life in England to her journey to India you see her fulfill a chance to discover herself and find a happiness that was missing from her lifeA great book that ends a great series An excellent finish to what has been a good series of books.Please let s have someMerryn. Final book in the trilogy about Daisy Driscoll This one brings Daisy the conclusion of her search for her identity and the reason why she has always felt so connected to India There are also many dangers brought about by the strong feelings in India engendered by the Partition.

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