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Daddy Stop It Hurts Daddy Stop It Hurts Kimmie was worried about this weekend she was going to be alone with her step dad Keith since her mother had to go away to some kind of business convention While normally she wouldn t have a problem with this Kimmie had noticed that Keith had changed since her last birthday when she turnedHe would constantly tell her how pretty she had become and would find ways to come up to her and caress her shoulders and back and tell her how stressed she looked that day While the rub downs did feel good they also felt awkward at the same time There were also times that Keith would have the habit of barging in on her while she was dressing or going to the bathroom Even though Keith always had an excuse Kimmie knew something was up she just couldn t put her finger on it but knew that with her mom away this weekend that Keith would seize the opportunity to spring it on her But what she found out was way beyond what she could have imagined and Keith was going to have the time of his life with Kimmie whether she wanted it or not Word countStory contains pseudo incest and hardcore sex

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