Cuckqueaned by the Maid MOBI æ Cuckqueaned by

Cuckqueaned by the Maid This is a cuckquean novelette written from the cuckquean s perspective Am I the only woman that wants to see her husband with the maid Things were getting busy, and we needed a maid to help around the house I asked all of my friends if they had any recommendations, and I kept hearing the same name, Rosita When I first met Rosita I didn t believe she was a maid She was a young, beautiful Latina women with a round butt that made me question my preferences I hired her knowing that my husband, Jim, was going to take a liking to her Cameras were installed so that I could see if my husband was going to try and cheat on me He did, and I could see everything that they were doing Instead of driving home and putting an end to it, I found myself enjoying my husband s betrayal Seeing my husband with the maid should have angered me, but it made me crave Rosita eventually discovered that I had been monitoring them, and instead of severing ties with us to save face, she realized that I had allowing this to happen She knew that I wanted it to continue, and she wanted to get me involved It appeared that my humiliation fed her ego, and she did everything that she could to see me squirm This novelette is , words long All characters in this story are fictional, and are above the age ofThis book contains elements of BDSM, and everything is consensual between the characters

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