Crossing the Line: Losing Your Mind as an Undercover Cop

Crossing the Line: Losing Your Mind as an Undercover Cop As he rose through the ranks of various departments of the Metropolitan Police, Christian Plowman dreamt of being an undercover cop When he finally achieved his ambition, becoming one an elite group of officers, the reality of covert work turned his life into a nightmareTo catch criminals, Christian bought and sold drugs with taxpayers money, been beaten up, arrested at gunpoint and barricaded in a pub by a gang of marauding gypsies all in a day s work At one stage, he was running almost a dozen mobile phones to keep track of his different identities and had so many aliases that he nearly forgot who he was He put his life on the line for the job but was to find that being the best of the best wasn t all it was cracked up to be The pressure became so intense that he even contemplated suicide Crossing the Line is a visceral, gripping account of what it really takes to be an undercover cop It exposes how the Met conducts its business behind the scenes and reveals the harsh realities of modern covert police work

10 thoughts on “Crossing the Line: Losing Your Mind as an Undercover Cop

  1. Jackie Jackie says:

    Crossing the Line by Christian Plowman is far removed from anything I ever thought I d read I picked it up when I was browsing in completely the wrong section for a book on my husband s Christmas list and felt compelled

  2. Robin Robin says:

    Interesting non fiction account of an undercover cop who burned out a bit in the job Not brilliantly written, but it is a short account of one man s experiences and pretty readable and insightful.It reminded me of Undercover

  3. Joan Joan says:

    Not rating this book I bought it for research purposes and although it was interesting from a personal perspective, it failed to do what I wanted However, anyone looking for a gritty, honest account of life as an undercover cop wo

  4. Wilde Sky Wilde Sky says:

    An undercover officer gives details of some of the operations that he has been involved with.An interesting book, but in some place the narrative felt confusing could have done with a better edit.

  5. Steve Parcell Steve Parcell says:

    I was so looking forward to reading this but it was so boring Sorry Christian as clearly you were very good at what you do but the book didn t captivate me at all

  6. Katie Katie says:

    Really amazing book Really insightful and somewhat heartbreaking Definitely recommend

  7. micusiowo micusiowo says:

    Ma o konkretne, miejscami troch naci gane.

  8. cathryn eason cathryn eason says:

    True life account of a police officer going under cover in covert operations, really good book

  9. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    fascinating fast read as couldn t put the book down

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