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Despite his Mum s insistence, Sam doesn t want to be friends with Davey, he thinks Davey s a first class, grade A, top of the dung heap moron But one day Davey saves Sam s life and a bond is formed between them Sam is still embarrassed to be seen with Davey, but little by little he has to admit, when it s just the two of them, Davey is a lot of fun But then something terrible happens to Davey Told in verse, in first person, this is the touching story of an extraordinary friendship, that changes two boys lives for ever An uplifting tale that truly sings out Cloud Busting

About the Author: Malorie Blackman

An award winning children s author, Malorie Blackman was honoured with an OBE in 2008 Her work has been adapted for TV and stage.More information available at MyspaceBritish Council Contemporary AuthorsBritish Council Encompass CultureChannel 4 Learning Book Box

10 thoughts on “Cloud Busting

  1. Jenny Holder Jenny Holder says:

    An incredibly powerful verse novel where each chapter is written using a different style of poetry Beautiful and heartbreaking Wonderful PHSE links Would be a great read aloud for UKS2 and would link well to National Poetry Day or Anti bullying week.

  2. Les McFarlane Les McFarlane says:

    Don t quite know why I haven t read this before However, I m really glad I came across it on a bookshelf in a classroom.Such a clever way to tell a story Malorie Blackman has used different types of poetry to write a surprisingly touching story of friendship, bullying and a different way of looking at the world.Can t really talk about the story without revealing way it pans out Suffice to say I really

  3. Ellie Labbett Ellie Labbett says:

    A moving story of bullying, complex friendships and power of peer pressure in causing misguided decisions This is one of the first novels in verse that I have ever read and an extremely powerful one at that Stepping away from any standard form of verse was so powerful in depicting the conflicting emotions experienced by the protagonist A very interesting and valuable experience to watch the events unfold

  4. Rosie Mulholland Rosie Mulholland says:

    This novel is told through verse, with a variety of different poetry types and techniques I love that Chapter Three s poetry type is linked to the content, where Mr Mackie is teaching the class about haikus and the whole chapter is written using the 5 7 5 syllable formatting of a haiku I also like that Chapter 6 is written using shape poetry, again reflecting the words.This text follows the relationship of

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    I stumbled across this book by accident Someone had mentioned that Malorie Blackman was a good author to try and this was the only book on the school bookshelf at the time What a read If you like Sharon Creech Love that dog Hat that cat you will enjoy this, but even so this book has so much .It is hard to define as a poem novel but it covers issues of bullying, being new in school and many aspects of friendshi

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    This is a powerful book written in a range of styles of poetry and telling the unfolding story of a boy whose whole outlook on life is changed by his brief friendship with a boy who was very different A lovely book for exploring many ideas both to do with text what makes a novel what makes a poem and identity and friendship The narrator ends up in a completely different place at the end of the nine months and thr

  7. Zoe Hickey Zoe Hickey says:

    This book came as a recommendation from a year four teacher It did not disappoint The poems are really well thought through and demonstrate different types of poems clearly There are also morals which are touched upon within this story such as forgiveness and about bullying I would love to read this to a class of children and see what their thoughts and feelings are on the different characters and the storyline.

  8. Virginia Virginia says:

    Cloud Busting is a captivating story about one of the harshest aspects of school life for many children the painful, destructive act of bullying This story features Sam, the bully and Davey, his victim as the main characters As is the case in most such situations, Sam is not short of supporters and Davey s suffering is the sort that would tug at many hearts This is very much a tale of emotions pain, fear, confidence at

  9. Elishia Elishia says:

    Malorie Blackman tells the story of a young boy, Sam who finds it hard to admit his friendship with the new boy Davey in his class He pretends that he doesn t like him, picks on him and stands back while others do the same Davey thinks differently to anyone Sam knows, he see s things quite unconventionally One day a serious incident at school causes Sam to realise just how important Davey really is to him as a friend Dave

  10. Charly Charly says:

    I chose to read this book because I was intrigued by the poetry format and I always seek profound and emotional children s novels However when I started this book I struggled as poetry is something I am not entirely confident with unless its the traditional rhyming and rhythmical pattern But this book isn t like that each chapter is a different style I found it very difficult at first as I wasn t sure if I was reading it rig

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