Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-Paper" and the History of Its Publication and Reception: A Critical Edition and Documentary Casebook (Penn State Series in the History of the Book) Since its publication in , Charlotte Perkins Gilman s The Yellow Wall paper has always been recognized as a powerful statement about the victimization of a woman whose neurasthenic condition is completely misdiagnosed, mistreated, and misunderstood, leaving her to face insanity alone, as a prisoner in her own bedroom Never before, however, has the story itself been portrayed as victimizedIn this first critical edition of Gilman s The Yellow Wall paper, accompanied by contemporary reviews and previously unpublished letters, Julie Bates Dock examines the various myth frames that have been used to legitimize Gilman s story The editor discusses how modern feminist critics readings and misreadings of the available documents uphold a set of legends that originated with Gilman herself and that promulgate an almost saintly view of the pioneering feminist author The documents made available in the collection enable scholars and students to evaluate firsthand Gilman s claims regarding the story s impact on its first audiencesDock presents an authoritative text of The Yellow Wall paper for the first time since its initial publication Included are a textual commentary, full descriptions of all relevant texts, lists of editorial emendations and pre copy text substantive variants, a complete historical collation that documents all the variants found in important editions after , and a listing of textual sources for than one hundred reprintings of the story in anthologies and textbooksOther documents in the casebook that illuminate the story s publication and reception histories include Gilman s successive and varying accounts of the story s history, her diary and manuscript log entries and letters pertaining to the story, W D Howells s correspondence with Gilman and Horace Scudder, editor of The Atlantic Monthly, and his remarks on the story when he reprinted it in Great American Short Stories, and than two dozen reviews of the story by Gilman s contemporariesTaken together, the criticism, text, documents, and annotations constitute a rich and valuable contribution to Gilman scholarship, calling into question the feminist literary criticism that has helped to shape interpretations of a literary masterpiece

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  1. Kaitlyn S. Kaitlyn S. says:

    This is absolutely my favorite version of Gilman s well known short story, The Yellow Wall Paper While, okay, not many people beyond literary academics are going to be interested in the differences between Julie Dock s authoritative text, as the back cover reads, it also contains her exhaustive research into the history of the piece, and the various twists and turns the piece s framewo

  2. David David says:

    The definitive edition of the most important American short story of the nineteenth century If you read The Yellow Wall paper in school or elsewhere the version that you read was probably mangled in important ways Dditor Julie Bates Dock provides an authoritative text for the story and also investigates annihilates commonly held truisms about the story and its history Required reading for

  3. iam iam says:

    One of my favorite stories, I truly enjoyed reading this Critical Edition Documentary Casebook It put into context a fevered melancholy dream of a book that I had responded to on an emotional level upon my first reading of it as a teenager My mother saw a BBC adaptation of this story late one night on PBS The next morning she informed me that she thought I would LOVE the book My mother knows m

  4. D. D. says:

    Everything you need to know about one of the most analyzed stories in American literature

  5. Julia Hendrickson Julia Hendrickson says:

    A ton of useful historical contextual material, as well as the short story published as it looked originally in 1892.

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