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Caravan of Night Noel Craig had always believed she was destined to lead a rich and happy life Victim of a lonely childhood, her heart reached out to find love and affection in everyone she metThen out of the bleak shadows of a rainy evening came a hearse with a spectral driver who bade her join him, and suddenly Noel was plummeted into a world filled with suspicion and doubt Was Noel s tormented heritage coming to claim her in the phantasmal glass hearseThen as if to strike a final blow, there came murder, shocking and sudden, Noel found comfort in George Bratten who said her loved her and believed her to be the innocent victim of a sinister plot Yet Noel was too frightened to trust him And so she began to probe into secrets that might soon drive her into an abyss of madness and deathTrying to play the unfamiliar part of a matchmaker, Inspector Septimus Finsh found that Cupid s arrows often have poisoned tips

About the Author: Margaret Erskine

Margaret Erskine 1901 1984 was the pseudonym of Margaret Wetherby Williams, who was born in Ontario, Canada and grew up in Devon Her series character was Inspector Septimus Finch.

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  1. Taylor Hansen Taylor Hansen says:

    First book by this author I ve read and definitely looking forward to readingI love the main character, Inspector Finch, and the mystery itself was complex and layered Even though these books appear to have been promoted and packaged as Gothic in their paperback form of the 60 s and 70 s the original hardbacks fro

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