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Bye-Bye Babylon: Beirut 1975-1979 Part artist s sketchbook, part travel notebook and part family album, Bye Bye Babylonis a unique graphic memoir, and an important visual record of a terrible war

About the Author: Lamia Ziadé

Lamia Ziad is a Lebanese illustrator and visual artist She grew up in Lebanon then moved to Paris and studied at study graphic arts at the Atelier Met de Penninghen She lives and works in Paris Lamia Ziad began her career as a fabric designer for luxury brands, including Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake She developed her illustration practice through the publication of books, including children s books and adult books with sometimes erotic content.In parallel to her drawings and illustrations, Ziad began, in 2003, to work on larger scale artworks on erotic and humorous themes, with an esthetic inspired by Pop Art These mixed media canvases imply a multiplicity of techniques such as collage and embroidery and the accumulation of heterogeneous artifacts such as minibar whisky bottles and Air France headrests In 2008, she exhibited a project entitled Hotel s War This installation of wool and fabric childlike models of buildings makes reference to the Battle of the Hotels that took place in the heart of Beirut city in 1975 1976 years Trauma and memories from these events, and from the Lebanese Civil War in general pushed Lamia Ziad to publish Bye Bye Babylon, an autobiographical illustrated novel in which she evokes her personal perception of the transformations that shook her country Source Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Babylon: Beirut 1975-1979

  1. Sara Sara says:

    When the civil war broke out in Lebanon in 1975, Lamia Ziad , the author, was just a little girl When the clashes began, Beirut was hustling and bustling with cafes, cinemas, hotels, casinos, cabarets and beaches The country was the Switzerland of the Middle East I loved to see the colorful pictures that the author made of the objects that the little girl associates to those days The graphic novel is m

  2. Michelle Pegram Michelle Pegram says:

    Bye Bye Babylon is a graphic novel that shares the story of the author who was 1975 and living in Beirut, Lebanon when war broke out between multiple factions Unique in its format when compared to other graphic novels, there are sections that are just images and then pages that are primarily text rather than panels including both This images are raw and organic feeling and alternate between colorless and

  3. Iria Iria says:

    Bye Bye Babylon un graphic memoir sorprendente, un romanzo disegnato che parla della Beirut massacrata dalla guerra civile del 1975 1990 Un racconto autobiografico dell autrice, Lamia Ziad , che fonde i propri ricordi di bambina con le testimonianze del conflitto che ha tenuto in ostaggio il Libano per ben quindici anni Aveva 7 anni quando iniziata la guerra e 21 quando terminata Un album di famiglia, dove

  4. Sonic Sonic says:

    Pretty wonderful book outlining the horrors in Beirut in the 70 s from the subjective perspective of a lucky little girl, or rather Lamia Ziade s memories from when she was a little girl Filled with colorful slightly amateurish, yet very strong illustrations that help make this book, despite the horrific background of bloody revolution that sets the context of this book, Beautiful The similar styles of art a

  5. Westward Woess Westward Woess says:

    This was a memoir, but it lacked so many personal details Much of the time it felt like a vague synopsis of the war with one or two added anecdotes and some art The art style was nice though.

  6. Andy Andy says:

    The pop art and sketchbook style complemented each other so much so, that they sparkled on every page However, the format made it hard to truly connect emotionally with tiny Lamia amidst the suffocating, horrific and disturbingly gruesome faction based war that was going on Mainly because there was a little and a lot to comprehend at the same time Lamia doesn t really delve into emotionally narrating how she fel

  7. Ahmed Ahmed says:


  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    There was a turning point When Christian factions started blowing up other Christian factions.

  9. Philip Philip says:

    Nice sketches Good introductory details on the factions and weapons Uncritical narrative though.

  10. Palimp Palimp says:

    A medio camino entre la novela gr fica o textos ilustrados da cuenta de las vivencias del autor en unos tiempos dif ciles.

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