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Boss Bitch Precious Cummings and her daughter Aaliyah Mills Carter must protect the family empire as an unknown enemy tries to step in and take the throne Can mother and daughter get past their differences and unite as one or will they stay at odds and risk having their loved ones torn apart The saga continues to unfold in Boss Bitch

10 thoughts on “Boss Bitch

  1. Ali Ali says:

    I have never ever finished a book this fast 2 hours to be exact This was an ok read none the less It left me wantingI want a refund The Peaches story line should have been drawn outNow we have to wait for the next installment This book could have been written much better Kinda disappointed in this book This bitch series just needs to hurry up and end kill Maya already damn

  2. Teetee319 Teetee319 says:

    I didnt enjoy this book This series has been drawn out, I had the book a week in advance and it took me a few days to read it Hence it wasn t a page turner I expect so muchIt seemed as if this storyline was rushed and too many details made it lose it s spark.

  3. Tazzyt2bossye Tazzyt2bossye says:

    Nodrama in your life, work real hard to make a dime Aaliyah Mills Carter is on trial for murder of celebrity Sway Stone and attempted murder of her ex bestie, Justina Morgan After spending months in jail proclaiming her innocence, her mentality hardens as the man she loves, Amir, turns his back on her to support her enemy when she s at her lowest Her family is turning over all stones desperately

  4. Brittney Green Brittney Green says:

    Again Deja King has delivered However, I want the series to be over because I feel like it is tiring out I love how the story picked right back up with Aaliyah being in jail and awaiting her trial She really learns a lot about who is really down for her and who isn t Everyone is feeling the pressure of the Aaliyah and a war is brewing on the streets The only questions left is will Aaliyah go to pris

  5. Danita Brown Danita Brown says:

    I was kind of lost reading this book It has been awhile since I read this series and was wondering if I should have started at the beginning I did bring back some memories and it was a pretty good read What do u think, should I start from the begging 2 catch up.

  6. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    I can just say I am in love with the series.

  7. James Evans James Evans says:

    Best Yet I m thinking this episode was the best in the series so far The characters just keep getting better and better, Aaliyah seems to be all her mother is and a little bit .

  8. Thea Cortner Thea Cortner says:

    It s about to go down It s about to go down I this book took everything to the next level I have to read this right now

  9. Tammie Duffie Tammie Duffie says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I loved this book, can t wait to read the next one and see what happens.

  10. Hani-fah Camper Hani-fah Camper says:

    WowI can t stop reading lol This series is amazing Keep up the great work You never disappoint Can t wait to read .

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