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Blood of Invidia Aliens, Vampires, and WerewolvesOh, My These aren t cute candy eating Aliens, or sparkly Tween Vampires, Dorothy, it s time for you to run and your little dog too , years ago, a majestic race waged war across our galaxy They were the Invidians and they conquered worlds They were driven to build their empire and fulfill their destiny But they were mortal, so they sought the secret to eternal life They found itAnd then the Invidians disappearedIn our near future, powerful and deadly aliens battle in the streets of New York, captured on social media The question of Are we alone is answeredShortly after, three friends find themselves entangled with a mysterious stranger, discovering that humanity isn t so high on the food chain, and might just be a breadcrumb on the path paved with the Blood of Invidia

About the Author: Tom Tinney

I m the Biker Nerd I ve published numerous Science Fiction Space Opera, Action, Adventure, Military , Fantasy High and Urban and Biker stories With the exception of an occasional profile update, I also don t visit Goodreadsat all.Unfortunately, the platform that had promise to help folks Find my next book , has now become a destructive, troll filled hate factory driven by a crowd wor

10 thoughts on “Blood of Invidia

  1. Lonnie Trout Lonnie Trout says:

    Really good readA rip snorting rollicking adventure with tons of off the chain fights and space alien weirdness for a half dozen novels.

  2. Roger Gable Roger Gable says:

    Consider me enthralledA book about Vampires, and Werewolves, and Aliens Really And it was good, even really good characters Even a few lines I want to try for a laugh.

  3. John Davies John Davies says:

    Wow, just wow What can I say I first heard of this book when it was a finalist for the 2017 Dragon Awards it didn t win, but several authors I respect all said it was really good, and that people should read it So I bought it, but it s taken me until now to get around to reading it Now I wish I hadn t waited so long, because it s really, really good As I read the first few chapters, I was expecting the usual Vampire Werewolf Alien

  4. Arthur Hernandez Arthur Hernandez says:

    This book was great from start to finish There was not one chapter that was uninteresting I liked how the story didn t drag til the end It has my favorite concepts that being Aliens, Werewolves, Vampires, and Ninjas It brought these cool concepts justice It was well written which made me feel like I was a part of a summer blockbuster I ve recommended this book to friends and co workers Which they were very thankful for The fact it influen

  5. Joey Calvey Joey Calvey says:

    Great Book This was a great book I am a voracious kindle unlimited reader so my choices do not show as verified purchases Writing this review without spoilers is difficult The characters were well developed and thought out and i genuinely liked them Lots of twists and a very new spin on an old story I loved this story and I consider it a must read.

  6. Erik Hansen Erik Hansen says:

    Great ActionI loved the new take on vampires and werewolves in this fast paced science fiction story.Now I find myself yearning for this to be the first in a series of books and, at the same time, wondering when the next will arrive

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    If I told you a book had space aliens, vampires, werewolves and ninjas, would you believe it was a page turner that you could not put down and would be looking for by the authors when you were done reading it Well, this is it Near as I can determine, it is their first book.

  8. David David says:

    Did not finish, clumsy and repetitive.

  9. Russ Witte-Dycus Russ Witte-Dycus says:

    dang it, now I gave to wait for book 2 excellent read, great ploy, and a twist at the end.

  10. Russ Russ says:

    dang it, now I gave to wait for book 2 excellent read, great ploy, and a twist at the end.

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