Behind Soviet Lines: Hitler’s Brandenburgers capture the

Featuring specially drawn full color artwork and expert analysis of the Maikop operation, this assessment of the dramatic raid that delivered intact Soviet oil production facilities into Nazi hands casts new light of the German special forces operations on the Eastern Front With his forces having conquered a huge swathe of formerly Soviet territory in the months following the launch of Operation Barbarossa in June , Hitler planned to continue the Germans strategic offensive against the Soviet Union s oil production capacity in the southern Caucasus region during the summer ofTo help pave the way for regular forces, the Abwehr German military intelligence sent forward Brandenburger commando units to pave the way using tactics that had proven successful throughout the previous Western and Balkan campaigns These commandos would secure oil producing assets until conventional forces fromPanzerarmee andArmee could arrive in strength Specially trained in foreign cultures and military vehicles, small unit tactics, parachuting, sabotage, reconnaissance, assassination and deception techniques, these elite commandos usually operated in company sized units or smaller and recruited many non Aryan native speakers of those languages spoken in the target countries In early August , a small Brandenburger unit of Baltic and Sudeten Germans led by Freiherr Adrian von Folkersam penetrated far ahead of German regular forces to seize Soviet oil facilities around Maikop Disguised as members of Stalin s NKVD, the repressive police organisation dreaded by most Soviet citizens and soldiers, Folkersam s command passed through the Soviet front lines using captured trucks and moved deep into hostile territory, where the chaos of the Soviet battlefield situation aided in their passing as official As regular German forces approached after several days, the Brandenburgers went into action using grenades to simulate an artillery attack before disabling Maikop s military communication network Having previously seen Folkersam with their commander, and lacking any communications to rebut or confirm his statement, the Soviets began to evacuate Maikop at Folkersam s urging The German spearhead entered the city onAugustagainst minimal resistance and found that several oil production facilities were still functioning Behind Soviet Lines: Hitler’s Brandenburgers capture the Maikop Oilfields 1942

About the Author: David R. Higgins

David R Higgins attended the Columbus College of Art Design, and received a BFA from Ohio State University and an MISM from Keller In addition to The Roer River Battles and King Tiger vs IS 2 Operation Solstice 1945 he has written over 40 articles for magazines such as Strategy and Tactics , Armchair General , Modern War and World at War , as well as MCS Group s States of Conflict He lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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