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Beard Necessities October 10, 2019It has been a long waitI first did this place holder 3 years ago almost to the day Over this time, I had at first just put down my wish for this story of Billy Winston and Claire McClure Then in 2017, Penny Reid shared with one of her favorite blogs, a letter Billy wrote to Claire I posted the link and the letter was so touching I almost couldn t breathe Recently Beard with Me was released and it was monumental in the history of the tragic love story these two experienced when they were so young It gave us everything we could want for the backstory of this couple.Now we are close to having their story finally told in real time We now have the Blurb and it tells us we will be going on a Love Journey with Billy, Claire, and the whole amazing Winston Clan I can hardly waitI am counting the days November 4, 2019 is less than a month awayI have been waiting for 3 yearsless than 30 days, I can do in my sleep February 15, 2017Penny Reid Just gave us a link to Billy s deepest thoughts and feelings about his feelings for his loveBilly lays it all out in a letter that says everything he is feelingThank you for the link to Lisa True Story Book Blog from Penny s Newsletter On the page, you will see all of the Winston Brothers and then the letter the letter and you will have amazing insight into this upcoming bookBilly, my heart hurts for youBut knowing Penny Reid and her love for the Winston Men Hang in there as She Will Find A Way October 16, 2016Like all smart, crafty authors They save the most teasedThe most wanted story for lastWe have been pining for Billy and Clare to finally have their timeTick Tock, the clock has started ticking for the Love Story which may take our breath awayBeard Necessities Winston Brothers 6 2019 Beauty and the Mustache Knitting in the City4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Truth or Beard Winston Brothers, 1 Grin and Beard It Winston Brothers 2 Beard Science Winston Brothers 3 Beard in Mind Winston Brothers, 4 Dr Strange Beard Winston Brothers, 5 Beard with Me Winston Brothers, 5.5 Beard Necessities Winston Brothers, 6 the series that started it all Neanderthal Seeks Human Knitting in the City, 1 Neanderthal Marries Human Knitting in the City 1.5 Friends Without Benefits Knitting in the City 2 Love Hacked Knitting in the City, 3 and the Mustache Knitting in the City, 4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Happily Ever Ninja Knitting in the City, 5 Dating ish Knitting in the City, 6 Marriage of Inconvenience Knitting in the City 7 For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways I will not be reading this one if Billy has been with any other women That does not scream love to me if you love someone else and can be man enough to get her. Edit Jul 25, 2019 The waiting is never ending It s now for November 2019And the expectations keep growing fml Edit Aug 12, 2018 After Dr Strange Beard, only a miracle will save this book for me And all things considered, only PR can make a miracle happen.I just hope I don t die before Billy s story Edit Aug 5, 2018 Well Now one year later it says October 2019 The longest wait was 11 months and it was between freaking Beauty and the Mustache and Truth or Beard, actually two different series.Now it s 14 months.The I wait, the I ll expect from this book And you know what usually happens when you have high expectationsCurrently reading Dr Strange Beard and it s not looking good Aug 3, 2017 Latest newsletter now says March April 2019 I wanna cry.Waiting since book 1Since this part in book 1 How are you this evening, Jessica Just fine And how are you, Billy I m well His gaze drifted to the empty seat next to mine Is Claire here with you tonight Yes We came together But I think she s up at the front with her father in law, helping with the donations He nodded, his gaze growing sharper in a way I couldn t help but notice I thought it was remarkably odd, almost like he was frustrated.But then whatever it was promptly vanished and was replaced with an unaffected air of controlled politeness Still waitingOn another note, I really hope it s not another Friends Without Benefits shit These two books have a fuck lot in common and that fucking scares me. Been waiting for Billy s book since book 2 only to find out that it will be the last one I guess Ms Reid has decided to save the best till last Edit just read Billy s love note and ARGHHHH I NEED THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. billy putting everyone s happiness first and sacrificing his only for all his siblings to give it back to him by teaming up and reuniting him with the love of his life penny never ever disappoints, couldn t have imagined a better way to end this series, i m so excited billy winston gave up everything for his family and so it is only fitting that for his book, his entire family is going to make sure he gets his happy ending such a fitting way to end this series Now this, THIS right here, is my kink. Billy Winston s family is going to see him happy and in love if it s the last thing they do.No one deserves a happily ever after quite as much as the second oldest Winston brother and his lady love, Claire McClure aka Scarlet St Claire Cruelty and circumstance tore them apart almost twenty years ago Secrecy and bitterness kept them separated.But you know who s tired of their separation and stubbornness Everyone Especially Billy Winston s family And now they re going to do something about it.Well meaning interference means the star crossed lovers can t stop tripping over each other in the hills of Tuscany, the catacombs of Rome, and the waterways of Venice Billy and Claire find themselves thrown together and at the mercy of the Winston siblings shenanigans.But will their forced proximity bring them together Or push them even further apart This second chance romance brings back the entire Winston gang, playing cupid in one last story of love, hi jinks, and family collusion BEARD NECESSITIES is a full length contemporary romantic comedy, and can be read as a stand alone, but it s probably best read after books 0.5, 2, 3, 5, and 6 of the Winston Brothers series.

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