Attending Daedalus: Gene Wolfe, Artifice and the Reader

Attending Daedalus: Gene Wolfe, Artifice and the Reader This new study of the fiction of Gene Wolfe, one of the most influential contemporary American science fiction writers, offers a major reinterpretation of Gene Wolfe s four volume T he Book of the New Sun and its sequel The Urth of the New Sun After exposing the concealed story at the heart of Wolfe s magnum opus, Wright adopts a variety of approaches to establish that Wolfe is the designer of an intricate textual labyrinth intended to extend his thematic preoccupations with subjectivity, the unreliability of memory, the manipulation of individuals by social and political systems, and the psychological potency of myth, faith and symbolism into the reading experience

10 thoughts on “Attending Daedalus: Gene Wolfe, Artifice and the Reader

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    Gene Wolfe s four volume plus coda work The Book of the New Sun is widely regarded as one of the greatest works in science fiction, with a setting of great mystery and plot of enormous complexity Since its publication in the 1980s, it has won many admirers, but few detailed examinations, and most of what s in print, such as the guides of Andre Driuss

  2. Aaron Singleton Aaron Singleton says:

    Attending Daedalus is a collection of scholarly essays on the fiction of Gene Wolfe It covers nearly all of Wolfe s work up to the mid to late nineties For hardcore fans of Wolfe, it will be an interesting read It certainly offered new perspectives on many stories I have read several times Besides, I enjoy reading literary criticism I like to see an autho

  3. Dominic Dominic says:

    This book was essential in writing my undergraduate thesis.

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