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Armored Tears The glory of war The price of freedom Colonel Tara O Connor is a war hero, decorated for her bravery in a battle that kept the planet of Arcadia free She doesn t like to talk about glory she knows the cost of victory, first hand Cal Piper dreams of glory A conscript soldier in the Defense Force that keeps Arcadia free, he s about to find out what glory can cost For Cal, Tara and thousands of others, the chance for glory is coming again, and as war looms over their home world again, all they can hope is that the price of freedom won t be than they can pay

10 thoughts on “Armored Tears

  1. Bill Bowne Bill Bowne says:

    Excellent I really enjoyed the vivid characters and, realistic combat scenes, although the good guys victory was still a bit stretched Fits nicely in the same vein as a David Weber, John Ringo, or Michael Z Williamson story.

  2. Isaiah Isaiah says:

    Continuing in the tradition of Hegemony, Ard Tears is an engaging and well thought out hard science fiction Mark Kalina brings to life a universe where mankind is stepping out to the stars via Tannhauser gates i.e stargate , and as so often happens we bring our luggage, good and bad, with us I ll start with what I feel were some of the drawbacks to the book The beginning is frenetic with not enough world built at t

  3. David Harriss David Harriss says:

    Jarring but engagingArd Tears is a military science fiction novel based upon the Israeli yom kipur war The factions and locations are different, but the events are roughly parallel.The action is interesting, the combat is visceral though not chaotic enough The characters are engaging The pacing is good, blending background and plot development skillfully.The characters are thin, mostly hastily sketched archetypes well sk

  4. Ron Towery Ron Towery says:

    Not a Bolo novel, but a decent read.This book dealt with the idea of how far a world socialist controlled government would to control those who are willing to start their own societies away from Earth This novel depicts both men and women in combat leadership roles Nuff said

  5. John Nixon John Nixon says:

    I was super impressed with Hegemony, not quite so much with Ard Tears It is still a good read The author is quite imaginative, the storyline is good, but the characters aren t quite as well drawn as his other book Still, a good beach read, and I m definitely looking forfrom Kalina.

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