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Again, Dangerous Visions The classic companion to the most essential science fiction anthology ever publishedoriginal stories edited with introductions by Harlan Ellison Featuring John Heidenry Ross Rocklynne Ursula K Le Guin Andrew J Offutt Gene Wolfe Ray Nelson Ray Bradbury Chad Oliver Edward Bryant Kate Wilhelm James B Hemesath Joanna Russ Kurt Vonnegut T L Sherred K M O Donnell Barry N Malzberg H H Hollis Bernard Wolfe David Gerrold Piers Anthony Lee Hoffman Gahan Wilson Joan Bernott Gregory Benford Evelyn Lief James Sallis Josephine Saxton Ken McCullough David Kerr Burt K Filer Richard Hill Leonard Tushnet Ben Bova Dean R Koontz James Blish and Judith Ann Lawrence A Parra y Figueredo Thomas M Disch Richard A Lupoff M John Harrison Robin Scott Andrew Weiner Terry Carr James Tiptree, Jr

10 thoughts on “Again, Dangerous Visions

  1. Karl Karl says:

    This copy is signed by Harlan Ellison.

  2. Marvin Marvin says:

    Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is to be successful Because your next thing has to surpass your first success Just ask the guy who came up with the idea of pet rocks.Harlan Ellison probably knows what I am talking about Dangerous Visions was a raging success It is still the definitive sci fi anthology of the last half of the 20th cent

  3. Glen Engel-Cox Glen Engel-Cox says:

    Sometime between the first Dangerous Visions anthology and the second, Harlan Ellison jumped the shark Perhaps in those four years, he started to believe his own hype It is true that the first anthology did seem to set a fire under a number of writers, both old and new, to experiment and try new things, and it happened because Ellison championed it

  4. Miracle Jones Miracle Jones says:

    Man, most of these stories are extremely bad Some of the standouts include the Le Guin and the Tiptree and the Hollis and perhaps the Vonnegut, but even then, man, I don t know There is one fun bagatelle about the legal implications of cryogenics that reads like droll sci fi Thackeray, and H.H Hollis story about LSD lawyering was also spry, but these d

  5. Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) says:

    It s been years since I ve read this, and I m still thinking about it This really raised some potent and hard hitting questions about gender roles and life in general Really wish this had been a whole novel.

  6. Shane Shane says:

    I watched a TV documentary on Harlan Ellison recently, a larger than life writer who seems to put Hemingway and Hefner to shame His science fiction anthology Dangerous Visions was often mentioned in the program I could not get the book at the library by instead found Again, Dangerous Visions the sequel I believe even a third anthology was compiled due to its p

  7. Marie Marie says:

    Wow I set myself up to read 100 books this year and then give myself this doorstopper in December Smart, self.Some day I ll find a copy of Dangerous Visions which is what I was recommended to read and why I picked up its sequel The introductions frequently reference a third volume called Last Dangerous Visions but it doesn t appear to have been made, or if made, d

  8. Ernest Hogan Ernest Hogan says:

    For a good part of my senior year of high school 1973 I carried a copy around with my notebook, sneaking reads when I could It didto prepare me for the future I would soon be living in than all my boring classes It would deeply disturb today s high schoolers, but it would do them a lot of good Age appropriate is for losers.

  9. J. J. says:

    Man, this was extremely disappointing Now, I know it s been a lot of years, but I have a hard time believing most of these stories were particularly dangerous or compelling even at the time There are a few standouts, but most of the stories are just vague, boring, or worst standard And Harlan Ellison drives me absolutely batty with his introductions there are a lot of sci

  10. Chris Chris says:

    I have to say that this massive anthology of science fiction novellas and short stories completely blew me away in the early 1970 s I read this one before the original Dangerous Visions Editor author Harlan Ellison encouraged contributing writers to cut loose with their most daring and provocative ideas In so doing, he not only pushed the boundaries of what was being publishe

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