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Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse Proud and brave, Uncle Peder had never made so fine a horse before The little wooden horse loves Uncle Peder like a father and hopes never to leave him When the toymaker falls on hard times, the little wooden horse must go out into the world to seek his fortune But whether he s working in a coal mine, walking the tightrope in a circus, or gathering pirate treasure, the loyal little horse has only one desire to return to his beloved master s side First published in , Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse is well loved modern children s classic

10 thoughts on “Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse

  1. Riv Riv says:

    I loved this I haven t read about the Little Wooden Horse in years, and I was so excited to pick him up again He s so sweet, and agreeable, and determined, and hardworking, and, and

  2. Abigail Abigail says:

    Originally published in 1938, this sentimental toy fantasy follows the story of a little wooden horse no other name is given , who wants nothingthan to stay with his beloved creator U

  3. Monica Edinger Monica Edinger says:

    Those stars are from my seven year old self I lived in Germany that year and when we visited London during a school vacation we had relatives there I still do , we always went to Foyle

  4. Petra Be Petra Be says:

    What a beautiful story for little children I wish I had been able to read it as a child But even as an adult, I find it compelling Even I wanted to know how the story would go on and I

  5. Angela-Gaye Mallory Angela-Gaye Mallory says:

    I read this many years ago and want to re read it I absolutely loved this book, it was my favourite.

  6. Katy Noyes Katy Noyes says:

    Classic tale I felt uncomfortable with, but appealing characters and adventures for children.A classic author I ve read before, but not a title I knew I picked it up on a whim This will h

  7. Joan Joan says:

    My copy of this still has my original surname inside The pages are going brown round the edges and some are falling out, but this was a story I read several times to the children I was tea

  8. Samantha Dilliway Samantha Dilliway says:

    This was a much loved book from my childhood and I was delighted when my husband bought it for me as a sentimental gift Having just reread it as a woman in my 30s I was happy that it was as

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    A adventurous horse who is abandoned by his creator s a toymaker wife He stumbles into lots of mishaps and finds new friends along the way on his search to find his master again It has a hap

  10. H H says:

    I was given this book as a child I must have read it several times and cried too I still have the same book and have read it to all my children over the years.It is such a lovely tale of dete

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