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A Tonalist In a combination of discourse and lyric, paragraph and couplet, Bay Area poet and novelist Laura Moriarty explicates the poetics of a group of writers that resists categorization This book length essay uses the work of the California Tonalist painters to articulate new understanding and new possibilities for poetic practice

10 thoughts on “A Tonalist

  1. Zoe Tuck Zoe Tuck says:

    Just reread this how much I owe to Laura

  2. Emily K. Emily K. says:

    I read this book today because I had been saving it for a rainy day, as it were I expected to work overtime this weekend but because of COVID 19 and some interesting floundering by the Free Library of Philadelphia, I stayed home Today was my rainy day The long poem in parts that makes up the main bulk of A Tonalist is only occasionally interesting, especial

  3. Amy Amy says:

    Influences A Newtonian TimelineIn 2007 I encounter Andrew Joron s review of Laura Moriarty s Ultravioleta in Rain Taxi and think, this is the book I have always wanted to read Later I am in SF to tour LucasFilm s Industrial Light Magic At City Lights I spot the pink lavender cover of Ultravioleta, read the first three pages, and think, this is the book I hav

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