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A Suitcase Full Of Blood (Berlin Noir) Every self respecting detective should wake up next to a corpse at least once in a lifetime Well, I ve got that sortedPhilip EcksteinPhilip Eckstein is a private detective in Berlin Not the usual sort, as you will notice quicklyOne evening he finds this cool blonde, Amanda, standing in his doorway She claims to have lost her brother and needs Eckstein to find him A seemingly simple job which ends in a wild chase full of dead bodies and the hunt for a suitcase full of blood Philip is not sure he can trust the blonde, but feels he must help this lady in distress Against all good instincts he goes against some of the most malicious gangsters of Berlin, who would stop at nothing not even the bloody misuse of a lawnmowerThis eBook is a SPECIAL EDITION withcolour picturesFALKO RADEMACHER is one of Germany s most successful indie authors His thrillers and mysteries are as popular as his satire and comedy books He isand lives in Berlin

About the Author: Falko Rademacher

Falko Rademacher s career as a writer and satirist spans almost 20 years He has been succesful in all media, including TV, radio and magazines However, he is mostly known as one of Germany s most succesful indie authors of thrillers and mysteries.Available novels in English so far Heads Off A Lisa Becker Mystery Dead Beauties A Lisa Becker Mystery The Vampire of Berlin A Lisa Becker Mystery A Suitcase Full Of Blood A Philip Eckstein Thriller American, Die A Philip Eckstein Thriller Lisa Becker is his most popular detective so far The young Kommissar is brash and clever, but also often insecure about her weight problems Together with her colleague and later boyfriend Fabian Zonk she explores the murderous landscape of Berlin.Private detective Philip Eckstein isold school Constantly stumbling over dead bodies and dog turds whilst trying not to become one himself a dead body, not a dog turd, although that as well, actually , he is a modern approach to the hardboiled detectives enjoy the German Kinky Friedman

10 thoughts on “A Suitcase Full Of Blood (Berlin Noir)

  1. Mark Mark says:

    Funny and German are not words I d normally use in the same sentence Don t get me wrong The Germans know humor caustic, ironic, dark they ve got these nailed.But it wasn t until I read Falko Rademacher s quirky Berlin Noir novel that I d finally found funny Plus camp and attitude.I read the German version, then went back to read the English one because the original s full of slang, and I didn t want to miss any of the juic

  2. Sammy Smith Sammy Smith says:

    Rademacher weaves a fantastic story that mixes noir, comedy, mystery and darkness.There s a gentle humour to this that tickles the reader and forces them to turn the page and read just a little .Philip Eckstein is a multi faceted character, and as the story is narrated by him there are slang terms and personal quips along the way that really help personalise the story.I read this in just a few hours, and I d definitely readof Rade

  3. Mark Mark says:

    Am meistens wollen die W rter lustig und Deutsche nicht stattfinden Verstehen Sie, die Deutsche kennen den Humor ironisch, komich, und nat rlich tzend Aber lustig, na ja, selten.Dann kommt Falko Rademacher an, der Krimi Romanschriftsteller ist Sein Roman Ein Koffer voll Blut ist komich, tzend, und wohl lustig Ganz Berliner Noir, huldigt das Buch die Detektive Rollen den 1940s aber aus moderner Welt Berlins.Dieses Buch empfahl ich sehr Vie

  4. Arthur Mitchell Arthur Mitchell says:

    Slim, fast fun Finished it in a couple hours A great Kindle deal Would love to read another by the same author

  5. Jaime Jaime says:

    Rademacher has penned this novel for the wildly imaginative in mind It s gripping, thrilling and will keep readers attention from the get go His descriptive setting of Berlin is spot on, and many will feel as of they re walking beside the characters the entire journey until we reach the mind blowing finish It s different, and original, which makes it quite original, and keeps one s brain buzzing long after we digest the final chapter The author is comple

  6. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Philip Eckstein is a private detective who strictly follows his own ideas of what s right and wrong His morality gets challenged when a woman hires him to find her criminal brother without the help of the cops Things getcomplicated than he s used to then, from crazed dogs to dead bodies turning up Philip begins to question if who and what he is after is the same as what his hot and secretive client says One of my favourite aspects of this book was how Falko Rade

  7. Jenell Diegor Jenell Diegor says:

    An excellent book I love how the story is told through the protagonist detective Philip Eckstein s eyes It has its fair amount of humor and very original Set in Berlin, it is different from what I am used to but that made it interesting for me The detective is a witty character that you cannot help but love I am a big mystery fan and I can say that this book did not disappoint and kept me guessing until the very end A Suitcase Full of Blood is a definite must read for m

  8. Angie Boyter Angie Boyter says:

    This was a German bestseller Where is their taste I m not sure why this is described as humorous It s definitely too noir to be funny The protagonist is rather crude and amoral At least it was short.BTW the translation is not bad but occasionally uses a word that doesn t quite work, especially prepositions.

  9. Barton Hacker Barton Hacker says:

    A fun, easy read If you like noir, you will like this But understand, this is no Dashel Hammett novel.

  10. Teresa Perkins Teresa Perkins says:

    As detective novels go this one was good Aside from a few editing mistakes it kept me entertained with it s subtle humor and storyline.

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