A River No More: The Colorado River and the West ePUB

A River No More: The Colorado River and the West Here is the definitive history of the development of the Colorado River and the claims made on its waters, from its source in the Wyoming Rockies to the California and Arizona borders where, so saline it kills plants, it peters out just short of the Gulf of California Ever increasing demands on the river to supply cities in the desert render this new edition all too timely Philip Fradkin has updated this valuable book with a new preface

10 thoughts on “A River No More: The Colorado River and the West

  1. Brandon Pytel Brandon Pytel says:

    I m getting to the point where all the books I read on the Western water crisis are running together Nonetheless, Fradkin s book deserves its place on the shelf A good compliment to other books like Cadilla

  2. Robin Robin says:

    Fascinating, yet somewhat depressing, this book describes the mighty Colorado River, and how it has been dammed into submission, reused for irrigation to the point of lethal salinity, and argued over by coun

  3. Zack Anchors Zack Anchors says:

    This history of the Colorado River offers a detailed account of the politics of water in the West the stuggles between the BLM, Indians, Mormons, booming metro centers and powerful congressmen over who has th

  4. Kev Kev says:

    After reading Beyond the 100th Meridian this is the one to read Understanding the arid West s Powellian water politics growth in a desert environment is essential to understanding Global Chaotic Climage Change

  5. Roger Roger says:

    Yes, another book on water in the West You water logged easterners just don t understand gotta read up for the new job.

  6. Sean Brady Sean Brady says:

    I got halfway through to page 200 or so and couldn t follow it well I got lost in the story.

  7. Malcolm Alexander Malcolm Alexander says:

    This will really wake you up to what we ve done to a magnificent natural wonder.

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