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A Lume Spento Ezra Pound s first book of poetry that was privately printed in Venice inby A Antonini Includes an active table of contents, correct spacing breaks, links to footnotes, and automatic poetic indentation for any size frame or fontFor classic, exceptionally formatted poetry titles look for Perscribo Publishing in the Kindle StoreNTENTS Grace Before SongLa FraisneCinoIn Epitaphium EiusNa AudiartVillonaud For This YuleA Villonaud Ballad of the GibbetMesmerismFifine AnswersAnima SolaIn Tempore SenectutisFamam Librosque CanoThe Cry of the EyesScriptor IgnotusDonzella BeataVanaLi Bel ChasteusThat Pass Between the False Dawn and the TrueIn Morte DeThrenosComraderieBallad RosalindMalrinMasksOn His Own Face in a GlassTheTreeInvernPlotinusPrometheusAeguptonBallad for GloomFor E McCSalve O Pontifex To the Dawn DefianceThe DecadenceRedivivusFistulaeSongMotifLa Regina AvrillouseA RouseNicotineIn Tempore Senectutis II Oltre La Torre RolandoMake strong old dreams lest this our world lose heart

10 thoughts on “A Lume Spento

  1. Harry Harry says:

    Best part about pound is that he is so elitist that even his juvenelia stinks flys away, a masterpiece showing the rest of the superstitious signs of his soon to come genius in this history of a poet.

  2. David David says:

    Pound s first books often are dismissed as juvenilia but are not The 1965 New Directions edition is a beautiful hardbound reissue of the original 1908 A Lume Spento and A Quinzaine for This Yule, the first two books Easy to find in the poems of the then unknown EP the future author of Peronsae and Lustra, but without having any

  3. Amanda Carr Amanda Carr says:

    Pound is definitely not the most accessible of poets I didn t care for his style or topics nothing drew me to him.

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