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A History of God The idea of a single devine being God, Yahweh, Allah has existed for over , years But the history of God is also the history of human struggle While Judaism, Islam and Christianity proclaim the goodness of God, organised religion has too often been the catalyst for violence and ineradicable prejudiceIn this fascinating, extensive and original account of the evolution of belief, Karen Armstrong examines Western society s unerring fidelity to this idea of One God and the many conflicting convictions it engenders A controversial, extraordinary story of worship and war, A History of God confronts the most fundamental fact or fiction of our lives

10 thoughts on “A History of God

  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    Whew I thought I d never finish this book But two months later, I somehow managed to get to the end Now, what to say about it I started this book knowing a moderate amount about the history of Christianity, a small amount about Judaism, and much too little about Islam I relied heavily on my previous knowledge of Christianity and Judaism to make sense

  2. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH RELIGION You may have already thought of a few, but this is my current thing Religious thought is metaphorical and the constant danger is that the unlettered will take the metaphor literally For instance, the Holy Trinity in Christianity sorting out a satisfactory formula expressing the relationships between God the Father Jesus the So

  3. April Sheridan April Sheridan says:

    I still can t decide if it s good or not That s that problem with being kinda dumb.

  4. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    This is at once a very simple and a very complex book Simple in its argument, complex in the array of detail marshalled to tell Armstrong s story.Her view, it seemed to me, was firstly that monotheism was wide spread well beyond the limits of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam but that there was always a tension between two basic ideas within that belief across all thes

  5. John John says:

    This is one of those books that make me feel woefully deficient in a certain subject Having never taken a comparative religion class, and in fact bordering on an antiestablishment stance when it comes to organized religion, I can only conclude that this book was not the place to start The first couple of chapters which reviewed mankinds evolution from a polythesim to the mo

  6. Camille Camille says:

    If I could give a book six stars, I would give them to this book I feel like I learned something new on nearly every page This book is truly a history book on a grand scale It reminds me of the type of history Will Durrant wrote, where he would take a period of time and write extensively about all the facets of history within that time Armstrong, on the other hand, takes just one

  7. Riku Sayuj Riku Sayuj says:

    The Tendencies of ReligionsA facebook conversation Started with this post, with the following Ambedkar quoteThe Hindus criticise the Mahomedans for having spread their religion by the use of the sword They also ridicule Christianity on the score of the Inquisition.But really speaking, who is better andworthy of our respect the Mahomedans and Christians who attempted to thrust down the

  8. Jan Jan says:

    Karen Armstrong is a former Catholic nun and studied at Oxford Her book, The Spiral Staircase, is a good description of the struggles that led to her leaving the convent There have been several good books written on the historic Jesus Christ, but very few on the historic God As other reviewers have noted, this is a somewhat scholarly book, which it would have to be if one wanted to thoughtfu

  9. Margitte Margitte says:

    I haven t finished reading the book I still plan to though, but not in one sitting The official blurb Over 700,000 copies of the original hardcover and paperback editions of this stunningly popular book have been sold Karen Armstrong s superbly readable exploration of how the three dominant monotheistic religions of the world Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have shaped and altered the conception

  10. Kaelan Ratcliffe▪Κάϊλαν Ράτκλιφ▪كايِلان راتكِليف Kaelan Ratcliffe▪Κάϊλαν Ράτκλιφ▪كايِلان راتكِليف says:

    Nuances Of The Religious Tradition This was a great book that seriously, seriously bolstered my understanding of the history of God, and has ultimately ignited an interest in me to read further books on thespecific areas of religious practice there is a massive further reading section at the back that I look forward to raiding As such, I had a number of things I wanted to say in my review, yet, I think

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