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ジャッカス! Best Book, ジャッカス! By Scarlet Beriko This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book ジャッカス!, essay by Scarlet Beriko Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you

About the Author: Scarlet Beriko

スカーレット・ベリ子 Birth date : March Zodiac : AriesBlood type : AShe also published tutorials with photos teaching how to draw male bodies in manga.

10 thoughts on “ジャッカス!

  1. Trix Trix says:

    I usually stay clear of ongoing manga (I can't handle the waiting period between chapter releases and I have this fear that the translations or story itself might stop midway).

    But this was such an interesting manga and I loved everything about it so I had to stick with it and patiently wait for it to be completed. I

  2. Chesca (thecrownedpages) Chesca (thecrownedpages) says:

    What a very fine BL! RTC.

  3. L i n h L i n h says:

    The artwork is gorgeous, those abs and collarbones and jaw-lines are just so satisfying to behold. ;;v;;
    More importantly, the leg-fetish thing got me going like:
    This is tew much for my fangirl hear

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    I'm really loving this mangaka.
    The relationships are real and beautiful (the familial and romantic alike).
    I laughed and cried. I wish there was more to the story.

  5. Daniel Daniel says:

    Liked most of the chars, though sometimes a bit hard to tell them apart visually. Ended up being less porny than it looked like on a thumb through, but still too porny for me.

  6. maria. maria. says:

    4.5 stars

    The art is great and the characters are amazing.

  7. Angela Angela says:

    Why did this have to be so good. I want to cry because it was so cute. I want more of all these characters. I want to know where ALL the relationships go. I could read multiple volumes with these guys through the ups and downs. Like. For reals. So perfect. Instantly going to go back and reread my favourite scenes 😍🥰

  8. Peter Peter says:

    YOur basic Yaoi story; Fun, sexy ! ! !

  9. Hisgirl85 Hisgirl85 says:

    4 stars. Yaoi. Blushes of heat, but cant look away. 😳🧐😶

  10. Aaron Aaron says:

    Fetish is the great equalizer.

    No, seriously. It really is. It doesn't matter one's wealth, occupation, social status, or perceived (assumed) orientation or alignment of sex or gender . . . a single kinky inclination can subvert all manner of one's comprehension of how human relations are supposed to function. Does this mean that perversion, by extension, is relative? Perhaps, b

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